SEVEN [Simplified]

For several months I’ve been feeling the need to concentrate more on things of first importance.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of ‘life’ that we forget to ‘live.’  So with that in mind, I’ve been taking small steps toward living a simpler, fuller life.  And then I happened upon this video [below].  It might have made me giddy.  A little.  😉

Although I admire Jen’s determination, I don’t think I could make such drastic changes, so I devised my own version to do what I think will work best for my family.  And the best part?  I ran the idea by my sweet hubby and he’s totally on board.  😉  So here’s my family’s list [simplified].


7 months. 7 areas of focus for simpler living:

  1. POSSESSIONS: Full house purge. Donate excess to charity or individual families. (4 wks= 1 area/week)

  2. NUTRITION: No fast food. No prepackaged/processed meals. Real food as much as possible.

  3. SPENDING: No excess spending. Money saved can be given to families or individuals as the need arises. Cheap/free family entertainment only.

  4. GROWTH: Christian book study. Build character traits and cultivate family relationships with devotions/ family games, etc.

  5. SERVICE: Focus on visitation and acts of service for widows/ orphans, etc. Volunteer at soup kitchen, take groceries to elderly, etc.

  6. MEDIA: Refrain from all technological based entertainment. Game-cube, leapsters, and movies (aside from work/school) are shelved.

  7. RECYCLE: Reduce waste and recycle.

This month [is it September already?] we’ll be focusing on our possessions.  Need vs Wants.  There’s a lot of purging to do around my house so wish me luck!  😉

So what do you think?  If you decided to make small changes to your family core, what would they be?

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
~William Morris


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