Guess What Tomorrow Is?

Here’s a little hint:

Yep, it’s our ‘First Day of School.’  I think of this scene from Finding Nemo at the start of every [school] year.

Where did the Summer go?  I’m off to fill some towers.  Wish me luck.  😉


2 thoughts on “Guess What Tomorrow Is?

  1. Good luck, friend. =) By the way, I looked and looked at WordPress (literally hours) and I like it, but I think I would go over the free limit too fast and I’d really miss livewriter, so I think I’m just going to stick with blogger. I did change my template up though, after seeing your cool clean fresh look. =) =) And I added you to my blog list on google reader, so keep up the posting, kay? LOL =) love ya!

    • Now you have me worried about the ‘free limit.’ I need to look into that. :/ I’ll try to take some time tonight to check out your new blog look, I’m sure it rocks! Love ya friend. =)

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