We Added Sign Language

Bible History The boys colored the timeline figures (that coincide with the Mystery of History) while I read the lesson on Adam and Eve.  Then we added the pieces to our timeline board.

Sign Language Sunshine has been asking me to teach him sign language, so I purchased a set of these flash cards and hung the alphabet symbols above the letter it represents.  When we discuss the alphabet, I have Buckaroo name the letter and Sunshine shows the sign for it.  Aside from the alphabet, I wasn’t real impressed with the packaged set and just decided to look online for other basic words.  A quick Google search  usually provides us with a [short] video so the boys just mimic what they see on the clip.  And from there, we practice that sign several times throughout the day.  So far Sunny has a sign vocabulary of about 15 words.

Science We discussed the type environments animals live in and how God provided a home suitable for all of His creation.  Then we played a game from this book called ‘Animal Homes.’

Math Buckaroo worked on matching objects to numbers and <, >, =.  The alligator signs were a free download from here.  He did really well with numbers 0-10.  Sunshine did a lesson in his workbook and then reviewed patterns for fun.

Here my little [left-handed soldier] man is working on identifying and circling items that are the same/different.

Practicing how to cut on the lines.

Geography  The boys completed the first lesson in their Geography books.  We learned what a map is and how to use one.  Then they had to draw a map of their bedroom.  Buckaroo drew a picture of his bed and decided he was done.

Don’t you just love how he pulls the hat so far down on his head that it smooshes his ears?  That’s my boy.  😉

Sunny took his time and drew every piece of furniture that is in his room.

This kid loves to draw!  And he’s really good at it too.  Another skill he must of inherited from his dad! 😉


2 thoughts on “We Added Sign Language

    • 🙂 Sunny’s interest in sign language came about b/c the toddler I babysit knows some. We decided to build his sign vocabulary, so Sunny decided he wanted to learn more too. Love how that works. 😉

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