Bible History Our Bible story today was about Jubal and Tubal-cain, descendants of Cain.  While I read the history lesson, Buckaroo colored the picture for our timeline and Sunshine drew a picture about the story.

To help them get a better understanding of the genealogy, I sketched a quick ‘family tree.’  I know…. I have some mad drawing skills. Not.  😉  And for those of you who are really observant, I mistakenly wrote Jabal instead of Jubal.  Jabal (Jubal’s brother) was a tentmaker.  Not a musician. :/

We discussed the genealogy from Adam to Jubal, Jabal and Tubal-cain.  Then we drew two family trees of our own [not pictured]- one for my side of the family, the other for my husband’s.  We compared how many boys/girls there were on each side and discussed which set of grandparents had the most kids, etc. 

Buckaroo placed his piece on the timeline.

Science Genesis records that Jubal was a musician.  Since I love for our subjects to correlate, I decided to do the chapter from our Science curriculum on ‘Sounds.’  The boys took turns stretching and plucking a rubber band.  They watched it vibrate and listened for the sounds it made.  

Then Sunshine had to write in the verbs that matched each sound.  We also listened to several different sounds on CD and the boys had to guess what made the sounds.

Language Arts We added two new words to our vocabulary wall:  sound and vibration.
   Buckaroo practiced writing the letter ‘e.’

Math Sunshine took his first Math ‘test’ while Buckaroo worked on copying patterns again.  He seemed to do better with this concept today than he did last time.

Music  The weather was absolutely perfect outside today so we grabbed our instruments and the kids banged away.  This particular set was a gift from one of their Aunties.  That’s how we get a lot of our school supplies/games. 

I heard Sunshine giggling with the egg shaker.  He said, “Hey Mom… Look at me, I’m a RATTLESNAKE.”  I looked up to find him shaking his katooshie in beat with the egg shaker.  Yep…. that’s my boy.  Ahhh the life with little boys.  😉


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