Toys on Rotation

I’m not sure what your toy stash looks like but at my house, my kids are blessed to the max with toys.  😉  I’m pretty particular about the type toys my kids receive- toys that promote violence or contradict our family’s moral code are out.  I prefer to buy my kids toys that are fun and educational, so when people ask about gifts for my boys, I try to steer them in that direction.  🙂


And it just so happens that we receive a lot of cool hand-me-down toys from family members whose children have outgrown them.  One of the perks of being the ‘baby’ in the family, I suppose.  😉

I love having so many people who love gifting my children….that’s a huge blessing (to say the least)  but I got tired of seeing toys all over the house long after playtime was over.  So I had to come up with a system that would work in our little house.  That’s when ‘toys on rotation’ was born.


Here’s how it works:  we store a certain amount of toys in the kids’ room, all others are placed in containers and stored in the basement.  After 6 months or so, we pull out a couple containers and switch things out.  That’s it.  It’s that simple.


And honestly, my kids seem to play so much better with less.  And clean-up time isn’t near as overwhelming now that we’ve cutback on how much we have out at a time.

Take our wooden train set, for example.  I considered giving it away. I felt like my boys were starting to outgrow it and they hadn’t played with that particular set in about a year.  But Sunshine asked about it one day out-of-the-blue and voila! It’s like Christmas time at our house!  I love it when that happens!   😉


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