Purge Project Update

You may remember me talking about our purge project here.  I am happy to say that during the month of September, I worked my katooshie off and scoured every room in this little house.  Okay, fine…not exactly every room….. I skipped the [unfinished] basement.  😉

I started with the closets because I felt like I could knock those out quicker than starting in one of the bedrooms.  And my ‘free’ time is limited so I  worked a little a time, as the days allowed until I made my way around the house.


Top to bottom, left to right:
Hallway Closet– medicine boxes and family games

Boys’ Bedroom– rearranged furniture, donated items they’ve outgrown and worked on rotating toys again

Kitchen Cabinet-  this area always gets junked up…. I sorted receipts and tossed things we no longer need.

Master bathroom–  you would think that such a small area wouldn’t get so messy/cluttered.  HA.

Living room–  we recently rearranged all the furniture in this room per my hubby’s request.  I’m still trying to get use to the new arrangement but I like it a lot better since I pulled everything out of the bookcases and got rid of things we haven’t used in years.

Things I’ve noticed since the purge:

  • I don’t spend as long tidying up since we don’t have as much stuff laying around.
  • I actually know where things are again.  Love organization.  🙂
  • My boys have played with their toys more constructively.  And they clean up much better.
  • I have more time to interact with my kids since I’m not constantly running around trying to find a lost item or clean a crazy messy room.
  • I’m not as stressed out.  🙂   Yep, that alone makes the 27ish bags I dropped off at the local Goodwill totally worth it.  🙂  Like I tell my boys so often, “A tidy house is a happy house.”  And ‘tidy’ makes Mommy very happy.  🙂

For the month of October, I think my family will focus on the ‘spending’ category.  Budget freeze here we come.  I have a feeling this is going to be a looonnnng 31 days people!  😉


Two Rooms Down

Hey y’all.  I’ve spent the last couple days [after school] trying to dive into my ‘purge project.’  Let me tell ya…. there’s a lot of stuff piled up in my house.  Like a LOT.  Where did it all come from anyway?  Not me. Right.  I am a TOTAL ‘piler‘.  It’s true.  Just ask my hubby.  Or better yet, don’t.  😉

I basically follow the suggestions Sarah lists here.  I love her blog and the fact that she keeps her house clean pretty much all the time.  How is that even possible with six children?

Every time I get an area purged and tidy, it seems like I turn around and it’s cluttered up again.  That ever happen to you?

Progress is a little slower than I’d like but since I’m squeezing it in with homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, loving, living and parenting [you know- real life]… I can’t complain.  If I’m going to meet my [own] deadline though, I’m going to have to pick up the pace a bit.  I’m two rooms down, seven to go.  Wish me luck.  😉