Our Routine

The table below shows what a typical weekday looks like for my family.  And notice that I said ‘Our Routine’ and not ‘Our Schedule.’  I learned very fast that a key to being successful on this homeschool journey is learning to be flexible.

We’re pretty consistent with starting school at 9am immediately after morning chores.  How long it takes us to finish the morning group depends on which curriculum we’re focusing on that week.  We either row a FIAR unit (Five in a Row) or use the MoH (Mystery of History) curriculum but we do NOT use them at the same time.

The ‘drawers’ are part of the workbox system I use.  This system works GREAT for keeping things organized and keeps everyone moving on task, especially when you’re teaching more than one child.  I found labels for the drawers here at Confessions of a Homeschooler.  COAH is one of my ‘go-to’ blogs for homeschool resources.  Erica provides a wealth of information.  Pop on over and check out her blog.

You may also notice that I’ve incorporated language arts in the evenings through chapter books and DEAR time.  You can read more about DEAR time here.

Our Routine
6:30am {Mommy: Laundry, Devotions, Exercise, Shower}
Morning Chores
{Mommy: Tidy upstairs}


9:00am Morning board, Calendar, Literature: FIAR or MoH
9:30am School Towers:

09:35-09:55_____drawer one_____
10:00-10:20 _____drawer two_____
10:25-10:45 _____drawer three_____
10:50-11:10 _____drawer four_____
11:15-11:35 _____drawer five_____
11:40-12:00 _____drawer six_____
12:05-12:25 _____drawer seven_____

12:30pm LUNCH
{Mommy: Tidy downstairs}
2-3pm Rest/Quiet Time {Mommy: computer, clean/organize}
3:30pm SNACK
4:00pm {Mommy: Dinner Prep}
5:30pm DINNER
6:30pm Playtime with Daddy
7:00pm DEAR Time
Evening Chores and Commission 
8:00pm Bedtime Routine:
Brush teeth
Chapter Book
{Mommy: 10 minute tidy}
8:30pm Kiddos to BED
8:45pm {Mommy: Restock towers, next day prep, blog}

Mommy/Daddy Time


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