Two Rooms Down

Hey y’all.  I’ve spent the last couple days [after school] trying to dive into my ‘purge project.’  Let me tell ya…. there’s a lot of stuff piled up in my house.  Like a LOT.  Where did it all come from anyway?  Not me. Right.  I am a TOTAL ‘piler‘.  It’s true.  Just ask my hubby.  Or better yet, don’t.  😉

I basically follow the suggestions Sarah lists here.  I love her blog and the fact that she keeps her house clean pretty much all the time.  How is that even possible with six children?

Every time I get an area purged and tidy, it seems like I turn around and it’s cluttered up again.  That ever happen to you?

Progress is a little slower than I’d like but since I’m squeezing it in with homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, loving, living and parenting [you know- real life]… I can’t complain.  If I’m going to meet my [own] deadline though, I’m going to have to pick up the pace a bit.  I’m two rooms down, seven to go.  Wish me luck.  😉


2 thoughts on “Two Rooms Down

  1. Soooo hear ya girl. I am RE-purging for like the millionth time it seems. I have two major places left to go (at least that I’m worrying about right now…the rest can wait a few more months…haha). Good luck with yours, buddy. Love ya.

    • I think I’m finally realizing that the way to stay on top is:

      1. Stop allowing so much in the house that we don’t need
      2. Sift through everything constantly

      Our house isn’t big enough to store stuff we don’t need. Know what I’m saying? 😉

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